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Doggo Doesn't like Camera

Doggo Doesn’t like Camera

[rumble][/rumble] My dog Busta hates being filmed. In the end, I just stopped filming him because I couldn’t stop laughing.


5 Brilliant Moments Of Camera Movement

CineFix honor the perfect movement of cameras in movie history. "Without camera movement, films would be all static play and


Strapping A GoPro On A Sword

I am waiting for the first camera strapped onto a bullet, but for now Sam and Niko take the "GoPro


Cutting An SLR Camera With A 60,000 PSI Waterjet

"What can't do any harm" you might think. WRONG. If you add the right amount (= super high!) of pressure,


GoPro Camera On An Arrow!

This is crazy and cool. YouTubers Sam and Niko mounted a little GoPro cam on the tip of an arrow


Kids React To Old Cameras

Today, most kids think cameras are no big deal. Digital cameras seem to be on every smartphone, computer, and mobile


Fox Tries To Eat GoPro Camera

YouTuber TheOpenLens went to Round Island, Alaska to record wildlife and spotted a fox. He now admits it was a stupid move, but


Seven Simple Photography Hacks

These days every schlub with a smartphone and an Instragram account is a photographer. But there's more to being a


Amazingly Steady Camera Stabilizer

This video by Juresnip was posted a week ago, but has only garnered attention over the past weekend, amassing over one


New BlackBerry 10 Camera Can Go “Back In Time”

BlackBerry has released this amazing video of their new photography technology for the new BlackBerry 10. Vivek Bhardwaj explains that the BlackBerry


Scientist Shows Digestion Of Processed Food VS Normal Food

These days, consumers don't even think twice before downing some neon colored soft drink or super preserved junk food. But


Take A Photo Art Project

InsideLimeTV conducted a simple social art experiment. They left a couple disposable cameras around in a box that said, 'take a