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The Common Potoo Hides By Camouflaging Like Broken Tree Branch

The Common Potoo is an amazing bird that hides by camouflaging itself like a broken tree branch. Even when predators…

Guy Hiding In A Bush Scare Prank

Prankster Rryan Lewis loves pranking people with his 'Bushman suit.' He covers himself in leaves and camouflage, and hides in a huge flower…

Chick Is Camouflaged Next To Cat

Farmer Tubbytubbytubtubs lost a day old chick, and feared the worst. Luckily, they found the chick in the last place they expected.…

Camouflage Soldiers Come Out Of Hiding

Camouflage is a term thrown a round, but what does it really look like? Nothing. You can't even tell there's people…



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