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Epic Japanese Dumpling Cannon Cooks Dumplings In Seconds

Remember the viral video originating from Japan of the super fast cooking prawn cannon machine? With a touch of a…

Cannon Firing In Slow Motion

It's not everyday you are given access to a real life cannon. Luckily, that's exactly what Captain Morgan gave The Slow…

Homemade Vortex Cannon

For some reason, many students claim their most boring class is science, which it shouldn't be. Science is what's behind…

President Obama Fires Marshmallow Cannon At White House Science Fair

President Obama made newsheadlines after launching a marshmallow with an 8th grader inside at the White House science fair. The…

MythBusters Cannonball Hits Houses And Car In Dublin, California

Discovery's MythBusters show has been an Internet and nerd favorite for many years now for their awesome experiments proving myths real…

Tiny Mini Cannon Really Shoots With Accuracy

The little guy packs a punch. It can even break a CD. That's pretty damn accurate. It hits a balloon…


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