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Cat Slowly Picks Up Head, Looks Through Window

Just wait for it. This funny, cute cat slowly picks up his head and looks into the house. Then slowly…

Cat Playing Duck Hunt

This is an older video, but just EXPLODED online. CollegeHumor, Ellen Degeneres, and others are featuring this now viral video…

Cat Likes To Be Vaccumed

Another cat video that just went viral. The Internet and cats go together like bread and butter. He seems to…

Cat Loses All Four Legs

This poor cat was electrocuted and had to have all four legs amputated. She was nursed back to health and…

Cat And Owner Talk About The New Puppies

This cat is not happy he was woken up. And for what? To hear about some dumb dogs? Forget it.…

Kitten Stretches, Falls ASleep

This little kitty cat does some yoga stretching, and then takes a nap.

Kitty Tries To Jump, Slips Falls

Kitty tries to jump, slips falls. Get ready, get set, oops. Cat falls off table.

Lions Tigers Panthers Leopards Likes Catnip

Answer to the famous question? Do lions Tigers, and Leopards like catnip? Watch this viral video to find out. I…

Kittens Puppies Cats Enjoy Popsicles

Who doesn't love cute puppies, cats, and kittens? And their licking a honey dew popsicle. Precious.


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