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Cats Are Pretty Hilarious

And this piece makes a great case for it. There are few animals funnier than cats. They're unpredictable, spontaneous and


These Cats Are Taking Over The World With Their Polite Manners

Unlike dogs, who gobble up their meal in mere seconds, these cats are extremely civilized and well-mannered. They take sophisticated


Cats Who Discover Toilet Paper Make For Great Videos

Toilet paper is nothing but a necessity for us, but for animals it is a strange, but funny object. It


Do Cats Really Hate Water?

Simon from Simon's Cat tells us all there is about the ever-being struggle between water and cats - and got


Cat Mumbles To Himself While Hunting Birds

I don't really know why Derek Zimmerman got over 1.5 million views on this video within a day, but maybe


Simon’s Cat: A Day In The Life Of A Cat Owner

I just can imagine how life with a cat must be. Thanks to this recent video by Simon's Cat I


Simon’s Cat: Guide To Love

After the recent dinner date Simon's Cat published another video regarding Valentine's Day. "Happy Valentine’s Day! Have you ever wondered


Compilation Of Cats Demanding Attention

MrFunnyMals put together some really annoying cats. "These cats will stop at nothing to get all the attention they deserve,


Simon’s Cat – Looking for Love

Simon's Cat got over 300,000 lovely views on this "Valentine's Collection" that connects some earlier videos regarding this famous thingy


Famous Star Wars Scene Recreated With Cats

"The Empire Scratches Back" by Pasdidée presents us the legendary "I am your father!" scene from Star Wars - Episode


Mighty Morphin Meower Rangers

This furry parody of the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" went viral instantly with over 1.3 million views already. And the


Dan Bull Raps To His Cats

In his new song "Stroking A Cat" rapper Dan Bull shows us his beloved pet trio. I find his music