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Is Pluto A Planet?

Generation X and Yers love to point out that when they were a kid, Pluto was still a planet. It's…

5 Historical Misconceptions Rundown

The Internet's favorite factual nerd CGPGrey is back with his latest video, 5 Historical Misconceptions Rundown. Grey debunks common misconceptions in history, like…

Canada Stops Making The Penny

CGPGrey went viral back in November with his video explaining why the penny was bad for America. It's shocking when learned,…

What is a Leap Year Explained

Every time a leap year roles around, people always ask why exactly do we deal with this adding one days…

8 Animal Misconceptions Rundown

The Internet's favorite obscure nerd CGPGrey is back with a list of common animal misconceptions. He covers how daddy long legs really…


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