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Pentatonix Covers ‘Cheerleader’

Pentatonix, the Internet's most popular a cappella group, has finally returned with a new music video. For their latest project,


Arizona Rattlers Football Player Dances With Cheerleaders

At the football stadium, men and women have two different jobs. The men play the game and the women lead


Marriage Proposals In Sports Compilation

In honor of Valentine's Day, ESPN put together this romantic compilation of sports themed marriage proposals. There's nothing like popping out


Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Dance With GoPro-Fitted Hula Hoop

It's not difficult to see why this video by Blue Star Media has gone viral over the weekend with over half


Chicago Bulls Cheerleader Surprise Proposal

During the Chicago Bulls game against the Miami Heat last Thursday, one Bulls cheerleader got the surprise of her life.  In the


CheerSounds ‘Dream Big’ Music Video Features Impressive Cheerleading Acrobatics

Cheerleading has evolved from simply cheering the home team on to an intensely competitive sport. This is no more evident


Cheerleader Scores Half Court Trick Shot Incorporating Front Flip

Basketball trick shot videos rarely include female athletes, but is changing all that. She has just gone viralviral after video of


Boy Dances With Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders

Little Christian Bottger has the dance bug. Lucky for him, his dad is the Buccaneers Video Production Manager Ed Bottger, so


Cheerleader Point Of View

Cheerleading isn't all just cheering and smiles. You have to be a real acrobat. An LSU cheerleader 'flyer' wore a


Dallas Cowboy Tackles Cheerleader

Dallas Cowboys Tight End Jason Witten caught a short pass, and ran for the first down when he was chased out


Moms Become Cheerleaders For Small Town High School Football Team

Way up high on the tip of Michigan's "mitten" is the small high school of St. Ignance, home of the


Cheerleader Backflip Fail

This video was posted back in 2010 with very little views, but has just recently exploded in popularity. A row