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Professional Chef Cooks Unconvential Meal Using Just A Wooden Table

Take away a professional chef's kitchen supplies and he's going to need some crazy ingenious skills to pull off a


Chef Cutting Cucumber Will Amaze You

This Japanese chef doesn't just simply slice a cucumber. He turns the long, green vegetable into an art piece using his chef


Fake Chef Pranks Morning News Shows

Comedians Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher of Found Footage Fest teamed up to prank a bunch of local morning news shows. 


How To Properly Flip Food In A Pan

Chef Jon of Food Wishes has an extremely entertaining and enlightening video recipe channel with delicious recipes and helpful tips. His


Edible Balloon

With the help from science, chefs today can create amazing unique and delicious dishes that just a few years ago


How To Peel Garlic Fast

For a beginner chef, garlic can be a real pain. Just peeling the cloves can be difficult if you don't


Celebrity Chef Matt Moran Yells At TV Crew For Throwing Away His Food, Storms Off Set

Matt Moran is a famous Australian chef who is well known for his TV cooking shows. After a bit on set, a