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10 Amazing Science Experiments

The people from Home Science put together a best of compilation of some of the coolest home experiments you can…

Hydrochloric Acid Reacting With Aluminum Foil

Anyone who has taken a chemistry class is familiar with hydrochloric acid. It is one of the most common, and most…

Aluminium Powder Igniting In Slow Motion

Most people don't realize that aluminium is highly flammable. It's just not so easy to light a big chunk of…

Burning Mercury Thiocyanate Produces Black Snakes Of Ash

For his latest experiment, the Crazy Russian Hacker burnt some Mercury Thiocyanate to demonstrate the crazy chemical reaction it produces.  Tubes of thick…

Clear Water Instantly Turns Black In Incredible Chemical Reaction

Brusspup, one of YouTube's top scientists, has returned to debut an Incredible Chemical Reaction that seems to border on magic.  After dissolving…



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