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26 November, 2020



The Meaning Of Chess in Movies Explained

Filmmakers are always looking of ways to create layers in their movies. Whether it are props, dialogue or farfetched metaphors,…

The Fastest Chess Game Ever

Magnus Carlsen is only 24, but he has become famous as one of the greatest chess masters in the world. In…

World Chess Champion Beats Bill Gates

Bill Gates is of course very bright and might be the richest man in the world, but money doesn't help…

Ten Year Old Beats Chess Master Greg Shahade

This older video by Elizabeth Spiegel has only gone viral now, garnering over 350,00 views over the past week. The clip showcases…

Sarcastic Review Of Chess

NSFW Warning - language  Fitzthistlewits published this sarcastic review of the game of the chess back in December, but it continues…

Extreme Amazing Super-Chess

Chess is one of those sports that only true fans can enjoy viewing. Others are bored silly. So BBC Comedy thought it…

Man Carves Chess Piece With Hands And Feet

This video from 2010 has just gone viral now, thanks to being shared on Reddit. A young Moroccan wood turner…

Man Lightsaber Duels With A Darth Vader Chess Piece

Remember how ridiculous the Yoda and Count Dooku fight scene was in Star Wars: Episode 2? Tiny Yoda bounced around…



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