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Inside Grocery Store During Chile Earthquake Is Terrifying

Imagine you were at the grocery store like any other day picking up a couple items for dinner when suddenly the


Hiker Captures The Moment Volcano Erupts In Chile

Last week, the Calbuco volcano erupted in Chile, displacing over 6,500 nearby residents. Hiker Walter Witt just happened to be out and


Erupting Volcano In Chile Looks Like The End Of The World

The Calbuco volcano in southern Chile has erupted. Even though it is the most active volcano in Chile, the eruption


City Of Santiago Erupts In Cheering After Chile Beats Spain

Most Americans aren't paying that much attention to the World Cup taking place in Brazil. But the rest of the


Base Jump Off Moving Truck Will Get Your Heart Pumping

Chilean daredevil Sebastian Alvarez doesn't know the meaning of fear. For his latest stunt, he didn't just base jump off a


Zombie Walk 2012

WOKlTOKl brings this viral video just in time for Halloween featuring the Zombie Walk 2012. Over 12,000 people in Chile joined


Amazing Finger Painter On Streets Of Chile

Fabian Gaete Maureira is an amazing street performer/artist in Santiago, Chile. Here, he makes a beautiful landscape picture in just minutes,


Chilean Singer Sounds Just Like Eddie Veder Of Pearl Jam

On the Chilean Television show Mi Nombre Es, singers try out to sound like a music super star in a


Lake Is Covered By Volcanic Ash

The Puyehue volcano in Chile erupted on June 4th, and has shown no signs of stopping. The ash is so intense


Cameraman Protest David Rockefeller At Chile Airport

David Rockefeller is the last living child of the John Rockefeller. He is one of the richest men in the world;