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Mississippi Christian Pop Lock Hip Hop Dance On Local News

As the video says. Mississippi is statistically the dumbest state in the country. It is also the most religious. Is…

Baby Worshipping, Praying, Dancing At Church

The best way to get them, is to get them young. A kid praises Jesus. She copies the grown up…

Bo Burnham Catholic Rap Song Live

Bo Burnham is an Internet comedian musician. He raps about the ridiculous parts of god, catholicism, Christianity, and religion.

Public School Students Pray At Mosque On Field Trip In Wellesley, Massachusetts – Parents Outraged

Wellesley Middle School in Massachusetts took a field trip to a Mosque. Parents had no idea that the children would…

Dude, You Have No Quran – Man Grabs Koran Before It Can Be Burned

A Church planned a Koran burning at a local park, but protesters united by Facebook intervened. Jacob Isom rescues a…

Burn The Koran Day Fake Funny Commercial Satire

Dr. Terry Jones wants to have a Burn The Koran Day on September 11th. He has been on the news…

Crazy Priest ‘Heals’ By Smacking Ill With Jesus Jacket

In this classic video, Benny Hinn swings and smacks sick people with his spirit jacket. Some how people believe that…



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