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Teens React To Classic Cigarette Commercials

Cigarette smoking among teens and high school students is at the lowest levels in 22 years. That's a good thing. It


Kid Asks Strangers For A Light Social Experiment

Adults know that smoking cigarettes is bad for them in every way, yet many still continue to smoke for a


Ellen Replaces Don Draper’s Cigarettes With Party Horns On ‘Mad Men’

Yesterday was the Great American Smoke Out when smokers are encouraged to try and not light up for the whole day


How To Light A Cigarette With A Hammer

How to perform a task without the necessary tools is a popular topic online. Opening alcoholic beverages without a bottle opener or


Herman Cain Political Ad – Chief Of Staff Smokes Cigarette

Amazingly, underdog Herman Cain is at the top of the polls for the nominee as Republican presidential candidate. But his


Local News Reporter Caught Smoking During Report On Oil Fire

News anchors for the local news station KHOU in Houston started their report with breaking news. They open with an oil


Cigarettes Go Through Each Other, Linking Cigarette Magic Trick

Whoa, how is it done? Holding two cigarettes, a magician somehow makes them pass through each other. Over and over


Pouring ‘Liquid’ Smoke From Glass Trick

Of course it's not really liquid. It just looks that way. If you're careful you can make cigarette smoke pour