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Jimmy Fallon, Ed Sheeran & The Roots Play “Shape of You” On Classroom Instruments)

1.3 million people have seen this clep from the recent Tonight Show since it was uploaded yesterday. Presenting: Ed Sheeran


I’m On A Boat Performed With Classroom Instruments On The Tonight Show

Before Andy Samberg was a big shot movie star he was apart of the comedy rap group The Lonely Island.


Jimmy, Adele, The Roots Sing Hello With Classroom Instruments

As all his fans already know, Jimmy Fallon loves to sing and perform music. It almost seems like he would rather be a


Jimmy Fallon, Madonna, The Roots Perform ‘Holiday’

Madonna's hit single Holiday came out over 30 years ago, but the fans still love it! While visiting The Tonight


Jimmy Fallon, Meghan Trainor, The Roots Cover All About That Bass

Musician Meghan Trainor was once a nobody, but that all changed when her recent single All About That Bass exploded this


Jimmy Fallon, Idina Menzel, The Roots Cover ‘Let It Go’ Using Classroom Instruments

The Internet isn't letting go of their obsession with the award winning song Let It Go from Disney's Frozen anytime soon. So it's no


Jimmy Fallon And Robin Thicke Perform “Blurred Lines” With Classroom Instruments

Jimmy Fallon loves inviting pop music celebrities on his show to perform in unorthodox ways. One of his favorite gags