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Clever Dog Shops For His Own Treats

RM Videos uploaded this clip of a clever dog who knows his shopping. Lots of parents sure wish that their…

Clever Donkey Finds Smarter Way To Get To Other Side Of Fence

It is sunday. So why make yourself the trouble of jumping and physical action, when you can go the smart…

Smart Dog Opens And Shuts Door Behind Her To Avoid Bathtime

Matt Goodwyn uploaded this video of his dog showing some impressive escaping skills. Always block the path of your chasers!…

Dog Throws Ball Over Fence So Passersby Play Fetch With Him

Such an adorable and clever dog! He's having fun all day playing fetch with a lot of strangers passing by.…

Watch This Super Emotional Story Of ‘Evan’

Over two million people have seen "Evan" within two days. The story of a boy who has his very own…

Clever Dog Pets Himself With Fringe Purse

Alyssa Antal recently uploaded this video of her dog who loves ticklish fringe - or getting petted by it while…


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