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Real Life Tarzan

And you thought Tarzan was just a fictional character. Apparently, Tarzan is real! NFS found a man who is arguably the closest


Crazy Russians Climb 650 Meter Tall Shanghai Tower

Ready to take a crazy ride? Russian climbers Vadim and Vitaliy of Raskalovit take viewers on a daring climb up the Shanghai Tower


Rock Climber Ascending 1500 Foot Wall Will Leave You A Sweaty Mess

This video by mountain climbing channel REEL ROCK has gone viral.  Last month, Alex Honnold daringly climbed El Sendero Luminoso, a 1,500 foot wall


Little Girl Climbs Door Post: “I Can Do It!”

3 Year Old Ninja may have one of the most appropriate names on YouTube, as the channel only has one video


Russian Man Climbs Stalin’s Skyscraper

This isn't the a dare devil Russian has gone viral for climbing Stalin's Skyscraper in Moscow, and it probably won't


Snake Climbs Brick Wall

This video from 2009 just went viral now, particularly in Brazil. A man and a woman converse in amazement as


Speed Climbing

This video from the summer just exploded in popularity. Two men race for the world record (which has already been


Climbing 1700 Foot Tower – World’s Scariest Job

This video was taken down, but it went so viral, many people ripped it before it was taken down. A