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School Bus Explodes On Second Day Of School

While dropping off his junior high kids, the bus driver noticed smoke coming from the turn signal cover, so he


Dog Returns Cart Keys At Golf Course

Kaleigh, a six-year-old Golden Retriever, has become a small celebrity at the Whitetail Golf course in Maine. After a round,


Boy Videobombs CNN Report On Kim Kardashian’s Wedding

This ridiculous CNN clip has suddenly gone viral thanks to sites like  and Buzzfeed. While a CNN journalist gives a serious


Beyonce Sings God Bless The USA

Beyonce debuted her new song, God Bless The USA, on CNN. She cashes in with the patriotic song that's an


Girl Makes Real Life Size Barbie That Looks Like Monster

Almost every little girl has owned a Barbie and played with her. But is that really healthy. One high school


Ground Moving Caught On Camera In Japan

Brent Kooi was in Chiba City, Japan during the earthquake. He recorded the ground cracking and moving in real time. Scary


Homeless Man With Golden Voice On CNN

CNN heard about the homeless man with the golden voice viral video. They cover a story about how Ted Williams


Dead Birds Fall Out Of Sky In Arkansas

Literally thousands of dead black birds fell out of the sky in Arkansas, near Little Rock. The city doesn't know


TSA Forces Disabled Boy To Remove Leg Braces

The tyranny of the TSA continues. A four year old disabled boy was not allowed through security without taking his


Wolf Blitzer Dougie Dance Soul Train Awards

Wolf Blitzer makes an appearance at the Soul Train Awards, and learns how to do the Dougie dance. White and


Man Screams: ‘We Are In The Tornado!’

Over and over again he screams, 'We are in the tornado! We are in the tornado!' I would be screaming


WikiLeaks Walks Off CNN Interview

Instead of focusing on the corruption of the US military and the thousands if not millions of civilian casualties due