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Kinect Records 3D Video

This Jedi master nerd hacked a Microsoft Kinect to capture a 3D video of himself. When he manipulates it, you can


Windows 7 Avatar Commercial

PC and Mac go on a flight together. PC has a Blue Ray player and Mac doesn't. They watch Avatar


Dell Inspiron Duo Flip Tabet Laptop In One

The new Inspiron duo, convertible tablet computer, flips from touch to keyboard in seconds.


Math Teacher Pranks Class With Computer Projection Video For Halloween

In honor of Halloween, a math professor puts up his usual projection of his computer, but pretends to have trouble.


Kid Gets Laptop Trick Or Treating From Geek Group

The Geek Group decided to give a laptop to one lucky kid trick or treating. A little black kid is


Lady Java – Programming Lady Gaga Bad Romance Spoof

I never thought that Lady Gaga and programming could ever mix. I'm still not sure. 99% of programmers don't know


Protoss VS Zerg, Apple Mac VS PC Spoof

First the Alliance and the Horde try to parody mac but then they see Protoss and Zerg spoofing the same


Delete Objects Live On Digital Camera Recording Device

With new digital technology, you can now delete objects live on your camera, cell phone, or tablet pc. Sweet. Just


Black Berry Play Book

The iPad Black Berry rival is here. The Playbook does basically the same thing as every slate/pad computer.