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26 November, 2020


Crab Catches Pesky Person

Crab Catches Pesky Person

[rumble][/rumble] I just wanted to poke these crabs. It pinches me and it hurts. More

Red Octopus Face Off With A Swimmer Crab

Sometimes nature can be cruel. And entertaining. ViralHog uploaded this video showing the food chain in action resulting in over…

Man In Crab Costume Dances To Billie Jean

What kind of dancing is appropriate for a seafood party? That's a tough one. But this seafood boil in LA has the perfect…

Aussie Teens Go Crabbing By Hand And Have Seafood BBQ

Even though it's nearly March, it's still pretty cold and nasty outside. Not so in Australia where it is averaging…

‘Gansta’ Crab Holds A Knife

This video by Viral Video UK has gone viral over the weekend with over 400,000 views! A man found a crab which somehow…

Octopus Jumps Out Of Water To Eat Crab

People aren't the only ones who enjoy a little crab for dinner. Porsche Indrisie was by the waters in Yallingup, Western Australia…

Hermit Crab Changes Shell

Hermit crabs are famous for living in shells for protections. As they are completely vulnerable without a shell, they move very…

Crab Net Camera Offers Stunning View Of Underwater World

Scott Murray attached a GoPro camera to one of his crab nets while fishing.  He never expected to capture such stunning…

Crab Steals GoPro Camera

Diederick Ryan posted this video in October, but has only gone viral now.  While vacationing in Fiji, Ryan set up a GoPro by a…

Pom Pom Crab Cheerleader Dance

Pom pom crabs, better known as boxer crabs, are nothing new, and there are plenty of videos of the adorable…

Dachshund Puppy VS Crab

This adorable video, published by jasonkwheeler a year ago, has started to trend again. And for good reason.  Madeline the dachshund is…

Man Picks Up Crab Only For Crab To Pinch His Nose

After finding a crab on the street, a daring man picks it up and talks into the camera holding the arthropod.…



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