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FFS What A Creep

When you videobomb your own video.

When You Mute The Music The Rolling Stones Become Kind Of Creepy

Just leave most of the sounds away, and there is not much left. This is a funny, yet creepy mash-up…

Mr Bean Trailer Recut As A Disturbing Horror Thriller

John Loberger knows full well that anything that is funny and sweet in an awkward way, may just as well be…

10 Songs With Creepy Hidden Messages

Matthew Santoro hit a nerve with his recent video, showing ten songs with creepy messages hidden inside of them. At…

The 10 Creepiest Websites On The Internet!

Last year YouTuber Matthew Santoro did over 6 million views with his video "The 10 Creepiest Websites On The Internet!"…

Creepy Racoon Hands Reaching Through Front Porch

All these little fingers! Perfect decoration idea for Halloween to spook some kids. via: neatorama

Creepily Realistic Halloween Leg Cake

How To Cake It mastermind Yolanda has done it again. This time she creates a stunning and very bloody leg…

Sorority Girls Chanting Will Terrify You

Sorority girls have a really bad reputation on and off campus. Apparently, Okeditor is not a fan of Alpha Delta Pi. They took…

Dry Ice In Slime Has Awesome Results

As the Internet already knows very well, dry ice is always good for some entertaining science experiments. Being the self…

Home Alone Star Daniel Stern Catches Giant Spider

Remember Daniel Stern? Most people have no idea who he is, until they are reminded of Home Alone. He was goofy criminal…

Billions Of Rabbits Animation Is A Dream Or A Nightmare

Freelance animator Cyriak is famous online for his very unique and strange short films. And after a long hiatus he has stayed…

Snake Bites At Woman’s Camera

Most people have a snake phobia. And that's understandable as our ancestors knew to fear these slithery reptiles which can often…



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