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Gorgeous Mama Tiger and Cubs Take a Drink

Beautiful Tiger Family With Cubs Drinking Water Aren't tigers just some of the most beautiful wild animals on this planet?

Grandpa Opens Beer He Saved 32 Years for Cubs Win

The waiting was worth it! Not only could this young gentleman finally open his reserved can of beer, after the


Will Ferrell Recreates Harry Caray On The Late Show With David Letterman

Comedian Will Ferrell is well known for the many hilarious characters he played while on Saturday Night Live. As the Late Show with David


Lion Cubs Meet Dad For First Time

The new lion cub triplets at the Oregon Zoo had their first hangout with their dad Zawadi Mungu. It was a little tense


Black Bear Cubs Are Freaking Adorable

The Oregon Zoo just received three orphaned black bear cubs. And they are sweeter than honey.  Even though mama bear and


Tiger Cub Swim Test At The Zoo

This video of zookeepers throwing two tiger cubs into a pond may seem brutal, but apparently it's for their own


Lion Cubs Play Outside

Remember the lion cubs at the Oregon Zoo that went viral two weeks ago? Well, they're back, and bigger than ever. The


Pandas Cubs First 100 Days

Who can resist precious pandas? Not the Internet. Panda cubs Mei Lun and Mei Huan were born at the Atlanta Zoo in mid-July,


Five Week Old Lion Cubs At Oregon Zoo

Sure, kittens are cute and are a serious viral commodity online, but they simply can't compete with lion kittens! The Oregon


Playful Bear Cubs Play With Backyard Rope Swing

It's truly amazing how bear cubs are so playful just like their puppy dog cousins are. You can see just


Mother Lion Pushes Cub Into Water During Grooming

While visiting the National Zoo in Washington, DC, Bob Kovacs caught a precious scene that seems like it was taken right out


Two Polar Bear Cubs Playing In The Snow

Children are children, no matter the species. It's really amazing how playful these adorable polar bear cubs are as caught