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Barack Obama Singing Call Me Maybe

'Barack Obama' first went viral singing Sexy And I Know It back in March. Of course it was really the


Lionel Richie’s Hello Created From Movie Mash Up

With all the motion pictures since the dawn of the technology, you can literally cut up and edit together almost


Lion King Mashed Up Perfectly With The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

The ending chapter of The Dark Knight series is much anticipated, with the trailer for the final film nearing 9 million


Mr. Rogers Won’t You Be My Neighbor Intro 1967-2000 Cut Together

Mr. Rogers was an important children's show for more than thirty years. Throughout his show's life, he started the same


Tom Selleck’s Mustache Superimposed Onto Classic Film Characters

Tom Selleck's mustache is one of cinema's most famous icons. There's just something about that mustache is that is so strong


Screaming NO Supercut

Here are twenty characters from famous movies and television shows screaming, 'NO!' We don't use that word here. Does somebody


Vintage Sexist Coffee Commercials Super Cut

Back in the 50's and 60's, women were still 'in their place'. What place was that? Why, at home, cooking,


Oprah Introducing Guests Crossed With Loud Goat Video

Besides for being one of the world's richest women, and giving out amazing gifts, Oprah is probably most famous for


Seinfeld Trailer Re-Cut As A Drama About George

Seinfeld has been over for over a decade now, but people are still in love with the show. A popular


Obama Sings Friday By Rebecca Black

Someone cut up a bunch of old Obama speeches and put them together so the president is singing the infamous


Saying The Movie Title In The Actual Movie Compilation

It's a nice little zing when you hear the title of the movie you're watching in the actual dialogue. There's


Simpsons Medley Compilation

Freddie25, the guy who brought us the classic cartoon medley has released his newest medley. He performs a mix of all