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American Kids Try Mexican Food

Cut again set some kids at a table and gave them something to eat. Over 600,000 views already!


American Kids Try Tea From Around the World

Tea truly isn't everyone's taste, so I think it is a clever choice of Cut to let some kids taste


Parents & Kids Smoke Weed Together For The First Time

So wherever you come from: Of course you should only do this, when you are of age and it is


American Kids Try Indonesian Food

I don't have to explain to you anymore how these videos work, right? This time Cut set the table with


100 Years of Beauty – 1980s Around the World

We probably all don't miss the hair style of the 80s. But they are very entertaining to look at, so


Kids Describe Color To A Blind Person

Cut invited Mack to sit on a couch and let some kids tell him about colors. This very heartful and


46 Shots Cut From ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’

Trailers these days often spoil a lot more then they should (in my oppinion at least). But as it seems,


Beautiful Macro Shots Of Things Cut In Two

Some beautiful stuff by Macro Room who cut some ordinary things in two to look inside them and get us