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Dachshund Eats Banana Like A Human

Sooo cute! A little distraction from all this New Year's stress. RM Videos uploaded this video of a dog eating


Dachshund ‘Hot’ Dogs Heinz Ketchup Super Bowl Commercial

It's that time of year again. The Super Bowl is almost as big as the Christmas season online. Perhaps even


Genius Uses Reverse Psychology To Have His Dog Take Medicine

Dogs are like kids. They always want what they can't have and they hate taking their medicine. Realizing this, genius dog


Dachshund Dogs Playing Hockey Is The Cutest

Dachshunds are especially cute dogs. There's just something so adorable about that long body and those itty-bitty legs. To say


Man Sings Along With Adorable Dachshund

Popular gamer Markiplier has gone viral with this adorable video featuring his cute dachshund puppy Maggie. While holding his pup, the two


Dachshund’s Creek

Back in the late 90's, Dawson's Creek was all the rave. Pet lover Mike Immerman has brought the classic teen drama back


Adorable Dachshund Rings Bell For Treat

Nearly every science student learns about . In Pavlov's experiment, dogs were offered food with the chime of a bell. Naturally, the


Close Up Of Dachshund Puppies Running Is Adorable

Is it really a shock that adorable video by Sam Nevens has gone viral with over 750,000 views? The clip features Dachshund puppy


Mini Dachshund Bath Time

YouTuber Alejandra554 actually posted this cute pet video at the end of May, but the clip has only exploded onto the viral


Dachshund Licks Lion’s Mouth Clean At The Zoo

This cute animal video by Barcroft TV was posted yesterday, but has only gone viral now, amassing over a quarter million


Cute Chubby Dachshund Plays In The Park In Slow Motion

Artistic hipster and dog lover Iso In SloMo specializes in artsy slow motion videos as her name suggests. And the web loves


Obie The Obese Dachshund Dog Is Sad Yet Adorable

Obie the obese Dachshund is sadly, and adorably, very overweight. His last owner, either knowingly or out of ignorance, helped