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Batman Driving A Lamborghini Uber Prank

In big cities across the country and the world, Uber has become the number one choice for taxi services. Who


Batmobile Baby Stroller Is Every Nerdy Parent’s Dream

For as long as wife Maressa has known her husband Josh, he has been a huge Batman fan. As a surprise


Bane Cat Sings Silent Night

Bane Cat is of course the evil feline version of Bane, Batman's arch nemesis. But even Bane Cat celebrates Christmas.


Mark Hamill Does Joker And Luke Skywalker Dialogue

With Disney's new Star Wars films coming up, Mark Hamill has entered the spot light again. While Hamill is most


BaneCat Episode 2

Remember BaneCat? The hilarious merging of the Dark Knight villain Bane and a cat instantly went viral two months ago,


How To Make A Homemade Batman ‘Batarang’

One of Batman's coolest tools is his bat-shaped stars known as the Batarang. Every nerd wishes they could wield the sweet


Batman In Classic Movie Scenes Part 3

YouTube channel Pistol Shrimps has gone viral in the past with their hilarious Batman in classic movie scenes series, amassing millions of hits. 


How Batman Begins Should Have Ended

Superhero fans instantly fell in love with the 2005 rebooted Batman trilogy that started with Batman Begins.  After reviewing The Dark Knight


Jeopardy Contestant Answers Batman Question In Bane Voice

Craig was given the opportunity and he didn't squander it.  When asked on Jeopardy who was the masked villain in The


BatDad Vine Compilation 4

Batdad continues to trend online.  As per usual, the YouTube account BatDad Vine takes the best from the official Blake Wilson BatDad Vine account,


Batman In Classic Horror Movie Scenes

Pistol Shrimps has finally returned with a new episode in their popular Batman in classic movies series where they seamlessly implant the


BatDad Vine Compilation Part 3

Will Bat Dad ever get old? Most like not, as the web simply can't get enough of the hilarious short