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26 November, 2020



Deadpool 2 Teaser Trailer

A teaser clip for the upcoming second "Deadpool" movie has leaked and since then go viral rapidly. "Plot Unknown at…

Top 10 Deadpool Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

I already had a 101facts video about Deadpool here, but you probably haven't seen the whole thing. So at least…

101 Facts About Deadpool

If you happen to have half an hour of sparetime to kill over New Year's - how about some facts…

Everything Wrong With Deadpool

Nearly two million views on this video uploaded by Cinema Sins a day ago. "Deadpool. Yeah, he kind of sins…

Honest Trailer Of Deadpool

Fans, movie critics, and Hollywood were all equally surprised by the success of their first R-rated superhero movie Deadpool. For…

How Deadpool Should Have Ended

After a seemingly endless barrage of Marvel superhero movies, many viewers and fans were burning out of enthusiasm. But Deadpool has given…

James Corden Tries Out As Deadpool Sidekick

It seemed like viewers were finally sick of superhero movies. But Deadpool has given the segment a shot in the…

Deadpool VS Boba Fett Epic Rap Battle

One of the coolest characters in Star Wars is ironically one of the quietest and least known. Boba Fett. He's just…

Gamer Reviews Deadpool After Eating Habanero Hot Chili Pepper

Video game reviews are a dime a dozen on YouTube. So how does a nerd stick out from the rest?…



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