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Whitetail Deer Duke It Out

Whitetail Deer Duke It Out

[rumble][/rumble] These whitetail deer were fighting furiously. Both animals survived. More

Deer Lord

Country Man Rescues Injured Baby Deer

Honeysada lives pretty far out in the woods. So it was no surprise when they saw a mama deer give birth to…

Deer And Bunny Playing Together Is A Real Life Scene From Bambi

People who were raised on Disney movies can't help but see Disney magic everywhere they look. So it was no…

Deer Break Into House Using Doggy Door

Mike Struble posted this video over two year ago, but it has only gone viral now with over 300,000 new views…

Dog And Deer Chase Each Other

Geoff Box went to their backyard to see their dog Brutus chasing and being chased by a deer. They apparently thought the…

Bicyclist Crashes Into Deer While Speeding Downhill

Silas Patlove was going for a nice bike ride on Alexander Ave heading towards Sausalito, California when disaster struck. As he was…

Woman Feeds Deer With Bottle In The Kitchen

Who hasn't dreamed of having a cute deer as a pet? Ever since Bambi, it has become a common fantasy. Deer…

Spoiled Deer Loves Belly Rubs

Workmen Justin Lewis and his friend were clearing away downed power lines when they noticed a trapped deer fawn. The poor baby…

Deer Licks Camera Lens

Deer are usually scared of people. When confronted by a person, they almost always run away. But this unique deer…

Dog And Deer Play Between Fence

The Internet loves unexpected friendships. Margaret Wray's dog Zeke made a friend while playing in the backyard. An inquisitive deer was…

Man Saves Fawn Stuck In Fence

This short video was published in 2011, but has only exploded online now with over one million new views! In…



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