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American Kids Try Christmas Foods From Around The World

After 100 years of Thanksgiving Dishes and Christmas Desserts this time Cut lets some kids taste test christmas food. But


100 Years Of Family Dinners

It's that time of year again. The holidays are just around the corner, and for countless American families, that means


Guy’s Home Security Camera Captures The Moment His Cat Jumped Into His Dinner

Jeremy Husted has a Canary security camera setup in his house for peace of mind. But it also captures hilarious moments


Dad Has The Best Way To Get His Kids To Put Their Phones Down During Dinner

Getting the entire family to sit down to the dinner table is hard enough in today's fast paced world. But


Dogs With Human Hands Enjoy Holiday Dinner

The dog-with-human-hands-gag has been done plenty of times before on the Internet. It's a classic. But healthy pet food company


Pregnant Turkey Inside A Turkey Prank

This humorous holiday video is from last Thanksgiving, but has only gone viral now with over one million new views!


Waiter For The Homeless Social Experiment Will Make You Smile

Public Prank left the gags and silliness behind to do some good.  Dressed as a five star waiter, DJ walked the


Thanksgiving Turkey Explosion Prank

Not all YouTube pranksters are offering charity this Thanksgiving.  Roman Atwood decided to invite his closes relatives for a nice holiday


Awkward Dinner Party Comedy Short

With the holidays around the corner comes the obligatory dinner party invitations. Which can be great fun, if one can


Uncle Freaks Out At Thanksgiving Dinner

NSFW - Language What's a holiday dinner without one of your uncles going ballistic at the table? Even though Thanksgiving