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Can Paper Cut Wood?

Paper is an example of one of the softest and weakest materials known to man. It's easy for even those…

Building A Real Life Version Of Pong

Today, most kids haven't even heard of Pong. But it's famous as the first video game ever. And for its…

How To Make A Cheap And Easy DIY Electric Skateboard

By now, you've seen those so-called "hoverboards" all over the place. What kind of name is that. In case you…

Tape Measure Tricks That Might Surprise You

Nearly everyone has used a tape measure before to measure something. But most don't realize that the little measure has…

How To Make A Homemade Laser Guided Blowgun

Grant Thompson, aka The King of Random, is well known online for his impressive do-it-yourself projects. For his latest venture,…

Homemade Stirling Engine

Sawerrt created a simple, yet amazing, do-it-yourself homemade Stirling engine. Using just a can, some wire, a lit candle, and a CD, he…


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