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Incredible Underwater Dolphin Birth Caught On Camera

Dolphin Quest Hawaii published this magical video last week, and now it stands with over 325,000 views. Keo, the 12-year-old dolphin at


Fisherman Accidentally Records Close Up Of Pod Of Swimming Dolphins On Underwater Camera

Mark Peters went albacore tuna fishing with his buddies, and even brought an underwater setup for his GoPro camera. The fishing went


Dolphin Kisses Dog

This short, yet very sweet, video was published by OneWorldOneOcean on Sunday, and has gone viral as the week progresses. The


Dog Jumps Off Boat To Chase Dolphins

There's nothing better than going fishing on a boat with your friends, your dog, and some beer. But things get


Dolphin On Britain’s Got Talent

Of all the strange, weird, and quirky performances on Britain's Got Talent, this is the winner of the strangest. A


Cat And Dolphin Play

It's hard to find anything cuter than a kitten and a dolphin playing together. Land and sea connect to have


Dolphin Tail Walking In Wild

Tail walking is a trick dolphins are taught when they are jailed in zoos and aquariums. A camera man caught


Celebrity PSA To Stop Japanese Killing Dolphins – My Friend

Stars like Courtney Cox, Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, and others create a public service announcement to help save dolphins from


Two Dolphins Crash Mid-Air Jump

These dolphins are chasing this boat and jumping, when two collide mid air.