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Clever Cat Can Open Door

Clever Cat Can Open Door

[rumble][/rumble] My sphynx cat opens the door himself. More

Smart Dog Opens And Shuts Door Behind Her To Avoid Bathtime

Matt Goodwyn uploaded this video of his dog showing some impressive escaping skills. Always block the path of your chasers!…

Automatic Door Sounds Like R2-D2 Screaming

Even those who aren't serious fans of Star Wars can recognize the iconic sounds from the famous science fiction movies.…

Door Sensor Plays Seinfeld Classic Bass Riff

Everyone who has watched even a little TV instantly recognizes the few bass notes from Seinfeld's theme music. It's no surprise as…

How To Fix A Sticking Door

Is there anything more annoying than noticing that one of the doors in your home isn't closing correctly. It's a…

Owner Catches Genius Cat Opening Doors

Kristian Svenson caught his mischievous kitten, Mulder, taking things into his own paws. Literally. Since his doors are equipped with lever handles,…

Automatic Closing Patio Sliding Screen Door

Those who have pets and small children know how much they love to run in and out of the house…

Door FAIL Compilation

You know the Internet is over saturated with FAIL videos when 'door FAILS' become its own subcategory. So without further…


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