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Doritos Ultrasound Baby Super Bowl Commercial

Every Super Bowl there are one or two commercials that stand out from the crowd as the funniest or most


Time Machine Doritos Commercial

Ryan Thomas Andersen made this humorous Doritos commercial for the Crash The Superbowl 2014 contest back in November, and has now made


Doritos Dance Tutorial

The web is currently being flooded with video submissions for the Doritos Crash The Superbowl contest for 2014. The winner will win big


Fan Made Doritos Superbowl Commercial – Man’s Best Friend

This fan made Super Bowl 2012 Doritos commercial is in the final five to be chosen to air on the


Fan Made Doritos Super Bowl Commercial – Make Your Own

Doritos has ingeniously made it a Super Bowl tradition for fans to submit their own fan made commercial for a chance for


Doritos Pug Super Bowl 2011 Commercial

Don't tease your dog with Doritos.  They'll find a way to get you back. I think the girl is YouTuber


Doritos Finger Licking Super Bowl Commercial

What's the best part of Doritos? The chemical 'cheese' dust of course! This is just weird and awkward, and makes


Doritos Gay Superbowl Commercials

A neighbor is cutting grass and sees two hot guys at the pool. They suspect he's gay. He could be


Pepsi Max Doritos Church Super Bowl Commercial 2011

Doritos and Pepsi Max are so good, they can even make people go to church. Now that must be tasty.