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LeVar Burton Explains How Double Rainbows Form

The Internet is well aware of double rainbows after the famous Double Rainbow video went viral years ago. But in…

Double Rainbow After Joplin Tornado Storm

After tornadoes ripped through Joplin, Missouri, a survivor recorded a beautiful double rainbow. He doesn't have an epic emotional reaction…

Double Rainbow Vodafone Commercial

Yosemitebear stars in a New Zealand Vodafone commercial cashing in on his Double Rainbow viral video. It's a little late,…

Will Wheaton Explains Double Rainbow

What does a double rainbow mean? It actually mean that light was refracted by water droplets in the air. It's…

Double Rainbow Microsoft Windows Live Photo Gallery Commercial

Trying to stay hip and catch the younger market segment, Microsoft hires Yosemite Bear, the 'double rainbow guy'. I'm sure…



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