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Dramatic Slinky On Treadmill

This video by abzde just went viral last week, and now stands with over 77,000 views. The scene is literally just…

Dog Hunts Wolf

This ridiculously drawn out video from 2011 just had a viral resurfacing this weekend, being featured by IAmBored, DailyPicks, Reddit,…

Dramatically Looking Up To The Sky In Movies Compilation

Slacktory is back, this time with another great compilation.  Every movie uses it. It's that dramatic scene when the character we've…

Slow Motion Goose Attack

This video from 2010 recently resurfaced, and is being shared on TheHighDefinite and StuffIStole. Geese are usually timid creatures that…

PSA Asking Justin Timberlake To Make Music Again

NSFW - content Back in 2006, Justin Timberlake was on top of the music scene with his hit song Sexy…

Dramatic Eagle

Just like Dramatic Gopher, but an eagle. I like the face it makes.

Cat Slowly Peeking Through Window With Inception Music

Some genius stole the original video of a cat peeking into a window slowly, and added dramatic Inception music. Freaky.


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