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How to Fall Asleep Fast

23 September, 2022



Gollum Draws His Life The Musical

All the cool YouTubers have done it. Even Superman and Harry Potter have.  So in honor of The Hobbit, the


Simon’s Cat Creator Draws His Life

Like so many popular YouTube channels, Simon's Cat began as an accident after someone uploaded Simon's first digital animation to YouTube,


Superman Draws His Life

The online fad has grown so popular, even The Man of Steel is taking part of a Draw My Life


Harry Potter Draws His Life Musical

Drawing My Life continues to trend on YouTube. Many famous, top YouTubers have already taken part in the fad, including


Kim Jong-un Draw My Life Parody

The 'Draw My Life' trend online has grown so popular, even North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is getting in on


Ryan Higa Draws His Life

Popular YouTubers continue the 'draw my life' trend. Popular vloggers Shane Dawson, and Jenna Marbles have both made their own


Jenna Marbles Draws Her Life

A new trend on YouTube has emerged where Internet celebrities draw their life in a serious context for their fans


Shane Dawson Draws His Life

Shane Dawson is one of the original YouTubers from the early days of the video sharing site. Back then, he made