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How To Drift In Any Car

To drift in a car, you usually need a skilled driver with a rear wheel drive sports car. But The Proclivity


Female Race Car Driver Pranks Car Shoppers With Intense Test Drive

Mitsubishi wanted to spread the word about their new sporty pickup truck, so they hired Malaysian race car driver Leona Chin


Motorised Drifting Trike Is Awesome

Crazy inventor Colin Furze is back with another one of his awesome inventions. This time, he put a powerful engine on the


Female Professional Race Car Driver Pranks Driving Instructors As Nerdy Girl

The Pranksters of were approached by a driving school who wanted to prank their new instructors on their first day on


Ken Box Crazy Cart Gymkhana Spoof Part Two

Most car and racing enthusiasts are familiar with Ken Block's Gymkhana racing series. Ken is a master driver who performs epic,


Race Car Driver Father Takes Son For Some Serious Drifting

Last year, race car driver Toxa Avdeyev took his toddler son for a quick run around the track for some drifting


Trike Drifting Is Awesome

Kuma Films and his buddies got their hands on a bunch of motorized tricycles and hit the track. They had so


Gymkhana Style Semi Truck Drifting

Forget the race cars and rally speedsters. Stunt driver Mike Ryan ditches his traditional wheels to race in a semi-truck tractor trailer!


Boy Laughs In Glee While Drifting With Dad

This video by Russian car enthusiast Toxa Avdeev was published in November, but is going viral now.  Dad took his son for


Truck Drifting On Icy Road

This short clip by SiRoald was posted online in 2010, but is trending again after appearing on sites such as DailyPicks and


Ken Block’s Gymkhana Racing Tricks Six

NeedForSpeed and rally racer Ken Block have returned with a sixth dose of amazing trick racing. As he is famous for,


Running Of The Bulls Chase Volvo Truck Commercial

After their first two viral promotional videos, Volvo Trucks is back with a third live test to demonstrate the exclusivity of