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Celebrities Star In ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ Remake To Raise Charity For Ebola Cure

Back in 1984, Bob Geldof and Midge Ure wrote the hit song Do They Know It's Christmas? and teamed up with Band Aid to raise…

Ebola Virus Explained

People are understandably nervous about the Ebola virus traveling to America. After ravaging several African countries people are worried about…

Nurse Sick With Ebola Speaks Before Leaving For Maryland

There is a lot of fear over the Ebola outbreak that originated in West Africa. Now, two American nurses who…

Security In Hazmat Suits Escort Man Off Airplane After He Made Ebola Joke

This is a scene that looks like it's from a dystopian Hollywood film. But terrifyingly, this is real life! Apparently,…



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