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Incredible Tiny Revving Single-Cylinder Engine From Paper

This is totally crazy! Aliaksei Zholner built a very small one cylinder machine out of paper. And then he opens…

Tiny V-8 Engine Made Out Of Paper Actually Runs

For decades, engineers have been looking for a clean alternative fuel to keep the world moving into the future without all of…

Rebuilding An Engine Stop Motion

Over the course of 11 months, nothinghereok took over 3,000 pictures while working on rebuilding an engine for his classic ride.…

Homemade Stirling Engine

Sawerrt created a simple, yet amazing, do-it-yourself homemade Stirling engine. Using just a can, some wire, a lit candle, and a CD, he…

Man Builds Mini Working V-12 Engine

This man shows us the entire process of building a perfectly working miniature V-12 engine. It's so small in fact, the man…


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