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Ye Olde Debunking – How To Properly Pronounce ‘Ye’

Educational science channel Minute Physics strayed off course in their  to focus on linguists. They discuss the history of where 'Ye'


Ashleigh And Her Dog Pudsey Dance To ‘The Flintstones’ On Britain’s Got Talent

Every week, there seems to be one or two acts on an X Got Talent show that really goes viral.


Sophia Grace & Rosie Perform Moment 4 Life

It seems Sophia Grace & Rosie are hear to stay as Ellen continues to feature the English dynamic duo on her show. This


Two Year Old Deaf Girl Has Sign Language Conversation With Mom

This adorable precious video from November had almost no views, until suddenly going viral this new year. Two year old Ava


The History Of English

Have a seat, because in just ten minutes you are going to know everything there is to know about the


Surprise Singing Proposal On British Subway

There's an unspoken rule around the world that passengers on public transportation don't talk. If someone starts singing or talking


Short Film In Fake English Is What English Sounds Like To Foreigners

To Americans, Chinese and French sounds like gibberish. We can imitate the sounds and the gestures, but we're not really


William, Kate Kiss On Balcony At Royal Wedding

The world watched the fairytale Royal British wedding last Friday. When the happy couple kiss on the balcony everyone cheered.


Canada VS British English Rap Battle

Which is correct? British English or Canadian? England was first, but Canada is newer. Let's have a rap battle to


Old Man Spelling Lesson With Flip Flash Cards

The English language is one of the most difficult to learn, because it has such strange rules and inconsistencies. Grandpa