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Bacon And Fast Food Christmas Tree

The boys at EpicMealTime have been filling their arteries every week for over a year now entertaining millions of fans. Now that


Epic Meal Time Thanksgiving Special

It was only a year ago when EpicMealTime created their delicious monstrous TurDucKen inside of a whole pig creation for Thanksgiving. Not wanting


World Of Warcraft Epic Meal Time Parody

There have been plenty of Epic Meal Time spoofs and parodies when the boys of EMT first went viral. But


Epic Meal Time Makes Huge Super Cookie S’more

The one factor in a s'more that could be better is the graham cracker. How much better does cookies sound?? The


Epic Meal Time Spoof

Epic Meal Time is famous for their dramatic music, using too much bacon, and taking fattening food way too seriously.


FPS Russia And Epic Meal Time

One of the first rules of handling weapons is no alcohol allowed. But where's the fun in that? Besides for


Huge Egg McMuffin Sandwich – Epic Meal Time

It's time for our regular dose of gluttony, brought to you by EpicMealTime, of course. Our host, Harley Morenstein, goes to McDonald's and orders


Epic Meal Time Candy Only Episode

EpicMealTime is famous for one thing-eating outrageous amounts of food. So far they have all contained meat and lots of


Epic Meal Time Mother’s Day Rabbit In A Turkey

It seems the Internet is only hungry for more Epic Meal Time. The crazy guys at EMT only go all


Kid Spoofs Epic Meal Time

Epic Meal Time has already had a vegan spoof and a Swedish spoof. Now comes the kids' turn. A ten


Epic Meal Time Epic Interview

Epic Meal Time won a Shorty Award at this years event in New York City on March 28, 2011. Afterwards, they give


EMT Build Goat Sheep Monster Then Eat It

Of all the crazy epic meals EMT made, this one looks the most delicious. They become Dr. Frankensteins, and they build