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How To Escape From Handcuffs Using A Coke Can

In internet time this one is a little older (11 days, WTF?!), but it is soooo useful, that I have…

Cat Opens Door To Escape Kitchen With Dog

Matt HirstĀ admits he couldn't figure out how his cat and pup were escaping the kitchen while he was away at…

Babies Escaping From Cribs Compilation Mission Impossible-Style

Now that baby monitors and cameras cost about as much as a pack of soda, nearly every baby is being…

Baby Escapes Crib

Ringgo1star's toddler son kept getting out of his crib during nap time, so they set up a secret camera to…

Mom Catches One Of Her Twin Toddlers Escaping From The Crib On Camera

This video was posted in April, but only now went viral around the globe and is featured on DailyMail, ,…



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