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New 2014 F1 Race Cars Sound Comparison With Older Cars Is Quite Telling

The all new and improved F1 race car quickly went viral when it was revealed last week.  But YouTuber Krookzeh has noticed


Transforming Formula One

It's a new technological world, and even Formula One is getting with the program.  Infiniti Red Bull Racing appointed racers Daniel Ricciardo and


F1 Pit Stop Perfection

Every second counts in an F1 race. The pit crew must work in perfect harmony to get their car in


Red Bull RB9 Rhythm Of The Factory Music Video

To show off and promote their new Infiniti RB9 race car, Red Bull Racing made this Rhythm Of The Factory music video.


F1 Race Car Driver David Coulthard Races Through Lincoln Tunnel

To promote the Formula 1 Grand Prix of America race taking place next summer, Red Bull commissioned F1 race car driver David Coulthard to


F1 Race Car Plays The Star-Spangled Banner

Red Bull is a great source for all things extreme, so the content of their latest viral video isn't that surprising. 


F1 Race Car Cut In Half

F1 race cars are powerful, complex machines that undergoes tremendous stresses much greater than any normal car does.  To show