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You don’t go on Facebook for a week

How Idiots Think Facebook Works

Facebook Rants With Samuel L. Jackson

Actor Samuel L. Jackson has been guest to a recent episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and got…

Adam Ruins Everything: Why Facebook Isn’t Free

This time Adam Conover ruins something, nearly everybody uses: Facebook. With it's media criticism truTV already got over 300.000 views…

If Disney Characters Had Facebook

Another issue of The Warp Zone's "If ... Had Facebook". This one, featuring Ariel, Bambi, Dumbo and others shows us…

If Harry Potter Characters Had Facebook

It would be rather "magical"... ;) The Warp Zone did this neat little "what if?" video, resulting in over 400.000…

If Marvel Had Facebook

Everyone loves social media. Have you ever wondered what if superheroes had today's favorite social media sites? The Warp Zone demonstrates what that…

Facebook’s Algorithm Is Basically Like The Mafia

Way back in the day when Facebook was only accessible to students in college you had to actually go visit your…

Vague Facebook Statuses In Real Life Are Super Awkward

They've become a Facebook staple. You know, those emotional statuses by your friends that is just specific enough to suck…

‘Girls On Facebook’ Showcases The Drama Of Posting A Picture

You probably thought that posting a picture on Facebook just took a click. But behind that click is an emotional…

Meanwhile on your Facebook wall

Facebook Girl Logic


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