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This Is Feminist Country

73 Questions With Lena Dunham

Vogue got together with actress, writer and feminist Lena Dunham to talk about acting, writing and feminism. In 73 questions.…


Good Feminist Logic MEME 2015


Feminists be like

A Feminist ‘Frozen’ Musical

For years, Disney princesses have ended up with a prince. But princess Elsa from Frozen has taught us that a princess doesn't…


Feminist Logic

Feminist Makeup Tutorial Parody

How-to make up videos have grown from a couple make up gurus to one of the largest, and most popular…

What Movies Teach About Love

NSFW - LANGUAGE! We all know that Hollywood paints the most fictitious love stories imaginable, yet we can't seem to let…

If Was A Real Person

Our friends at the Gawker network have a site for almost every interest, and one of their most popular one…

Dramatic Little Girl: I Won’t Get Married Until I Have A Job

This little five year old doesn't care about a man until she has a job. If he says, 'I will…


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