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Fire Tornado Rips Across Road

The deadly and swift moving Carr fire in Shasta County California produced this incredible, dangerous and deadly fire tornado, or


Doorbell Cam Records As Firefighters Battle To Save House

As you most likely know, large portions of Canada are burning, specifically Fort McMurray. Firefighters are doing everything they can to


Worst Firefighter Ever

A house fire is a very serious situation that must be controlled as soon as possible. But this firefighter doesn't


Car On Fire Rolls Away While Firefighters Try To Put It Out

A car fire is a serious matter, but what do you do when the car rolls away when you are


Russian Firefighters Create Hovercraft Using Water Hoses

This outrageous video from 2013 has only gone viral now. Impressively, a crew of Russian firefighters created a hovercraft of


Firefighter Proposing To Teacher During Fire Drill Is Super Sweet

What better way to propose to your teacher girlfriend when you're a firefighter than during a school fire drill?  That's


Firefighter Uses Google Glass For Faster, Safer Rescues

Google Glass seemed a bit gimmicky at first, but the power and potential of Glass is only being realized. For example,


Firefighting Water Dropping Planes Refill By Skimming Over Lake

How does a water dropping, firefighting airplane reload on water while battling a blaze? This video by Steve Galloway demonstrates exactly


Firemen Spray Police With Foam At Brussels Protest

After announcements of national budget cuts for the fire department, Brussels firemen protested outside of the Prime Minister's office. RT reports that


Fireman Wearing GoPro Saves Kitten From Fire

Back in July, a firefighter wearing a GoPro helmet camera went viral after saving a precious kitten from a fire


Portuguese Fire-Helicopter ‘Steals’ Water From Swimming Pool To Fight Fire

João Guimarães actually published this video in 2011, but it has only exploded online now. João woke up to a Eurocopter AS350 from the


Firefighter Rescues Kitten From Fire

A firefighter saved a tiny kitten from a house fire in Fresno, California and the helmet camera footage quickly went