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Air New Zealand Made An Epic Men In Black Themed Flight Safety Video

Air New Zealand has become famous online over the past years for their outrageous and entertaining flight safety videos. In this


Westjet Flight Attendant Performs Hilarious Safety Demo

After waiting seemingly forever to finally board the airplane, anxious passengers nearly always groan when the flight attendants begin their flight safety demonstration.


Delta’s Flight Safety Video Is Packed Full Of Internet Memes

Delta isn't the first commercial airliner to publish a flight safety video that was made for the Internet, but they sure


Air New Zealand The Hobbit Themed Safety Video

The small country of New Zealand doesn't have that much going for them. But they are famous for The Hobbit, and


Southwest Flight Attendant Performs Hilarious Pre-Flight Speech

Frequent fliers hate the pre-flight speech before take-off. It may surprise you, but the flight attendants hate the speech even


South West Flight Attendant Offers Hilarious Flight Safety Speech

Most passengers completely ignore the boring flight safety speech given by the flight attendant these days. But just imagine how


Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models Star In Air New Zealand ‘Safety In Paradise’ Flight Safety Video

Air New Zealand knows a thing or two about viral videos. Instead of having their passengers watch boring flight safety videos,


Delta’s 80’s In-Flight Safety Video

Air New Zealand and Virgin America have gone viral in the past with entertaining themed flight safety videos. Delta has learned from their


Just Another Day In Middle-Earth Air New Zealand The Hobbit Commercial

Last year, Air New Zealand went viral with their The Hobbit themed flight safety video which now stands with over 11 million hits!  They


TnT Airlines Pre-Flight Video Comedy Sketch

The pre-flight safety video before a flight is usually a dull, boring video or presentation everyone knows by heart. Buckle


Virgin America Flight Safety Music Video Starring Todrick Hall

Pop and YouTube sensation Todrick Hall is on a viral video roll! He just went viralviral yesterday with his Disney villains in


Air New Zealand Safety Video With Bear Grylls

Air New Zealand is famous online for trying their best to please their passengers with unique and entertaining safety videos. Their