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Printing A GIF Into A Flip-Book

Of course it is not really a new thing to print out single frames of a moving image (GIF) to…

Epic Christmas Card Includes Flip Book Style Animations And Music

Most Christmas cards are boring cards that offer season's greetings and that's it. Maybe you might receive something more lively…

Lionel Messi Flipbook Tribute

YouTuber etoilec1 is famous online for his impressive and extensive flipbook animations. His latest flip book creation is a tribute to Argentinian…

Gangnam Style Flipbook

Etoilec1 is a flip book master. He creates short video clips by drawing each frame on a piece of a paper…

Vines – Emotional Picture Story Music Video

Paul is a smooth guy, so he knows a gift from the heart is worth so much more than anything…

Mortal Kombat Flipbook

BloodyRenegadeX first went viral with his Sonic The Hedgehog flip book. He's continuing his hobby of drawing epic video game…

Amazingly Long Sonic The HedgeHog Flipbook Animation

BloodyRenegadeX made an epic flipbook animation of Sonic The Hedgehog 3. The animation looks like it's straight off a Sega Genesis.…



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