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20 January, 2020


Meme, Video

In Florida time to break out the winter clothes


Jimmy Fallon Addresses Orlando Nightclub Shooting

By now, everyone is aware of the tragic terror attack that took place in Orlando, Florida this weekend when a


Woman Screams At Governor Rick Scott At Starbucks

Usually, when a big name politician like a governor visits a local coffee shop citizens line up to take photos


Treasure Hunter Finds $1 Million Worth Of Gold Coins Off Florida Coast

Most amateur and even professional treasure hunters today don't really expect to find anything of serious value. May be some


Homeless Man Who Beautifully Played Public Piano Gives Interview

Remember last week when a homeless man named Donald from Sarasota, Florida played a public piano beautifully and video of


Homeless Man Beautifully Plays Public Piano

Like many other cities, the town of Sarasota, Florida has placed a number of piano around the city for people to


Florida Rapper Falls Off Edge Into Water

Florida rap artist Presto Flo was standing on the edge of a seawall in Clearwater, Florida when the wind got the


Rescued Florida Panther Kitten Is Adorable

Florida Fish and Wildlife discovered a lone, week old Florida Panther kitten. The poor little guy was cold and listless, so they


The Best Dock Line Handler

While visiting Frenchy's restaurant in Clearwater beach, Florida, Red Line Charters swears he met the world's best dock line handler. And the Internet


Extreme Couponing To Quench The Thirsty Of The Needy Short Film

Last week, Jerry Ascione was trending online for his Extreme ‘Couponing’ video. Jerry has returned with another inspiring video after getting a crazy good


Fort Lauderdale Power Plant Demolition

Fort Lauderdale, Florida is taking the proper steps towards a brighter and cleaner 21 century. After half a century of


Dwyane Wade Goes To Prom With Fan

These days, fans can connect with their idols in ways not possible just a few years ago. Take Nicole of



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