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Cheering for Football Frightens Kitty

[rumble][/rumble] My cat got scared when we yelled at the TV and jumped. More


If Professional Football Were Honest – Honest Ads

Professional football isn't all you dreamt of as a kid... [embed][/embed]


When You’re Trying To Play A Soccer Game But There’s A Bloody Dog In The Way

The game probably wasn't that interesting, so this dog invading the pitch was the highlight of the day. It has


Former Football Star Talks Openly About His Role As A Dad And A Mom

Rio Ferdinand is someone we know as a strong and tough defender for Manchester United, but in this interview he


Dude Perfect’s World-Record Breaking Football Trick Shots

In time for the Super Bowl Dude Perfect put together some amazing football trick shots that went viral instantly with


Over-Inflating Footballs In Super Slow Motio

The Slow Mo Guys let an american football explode - in style! "It's usually footballs that are doing damage to


Awesome Scorpion Kick Goal By Olivier Giroud

Olivier Giroud did score a wonderful goal for his team Arsenal London in the match against Crystal Palace last weekend.


Football vs Face 1000x Slower

The new super slowmotion by The Slow Mo Guys shows a classic battle: ball versus face. This time we get


Keeper Scores Epic Bicycle Wonder Goal In Overtime

If you are a fan of football you might know, how rare a "real" goal (no penalty or freekick) of


Earth’s History Plays Out On A Football Field

Interesting piece by Skunk Bear who use a football field to visualize and explain the history of our one and

Grandpa Opens Beer He Saved 32 Years for Cubs Win

The waiting was worth it! Not only could this young gentleman finally open his reserved can of beer, after the

James Corden Takes Over as Coach of Arsenal F.C.

Probably not the best interims coach the Gunners had, but Late Late Show host James Corden might be the funniest