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Moving Story About A Man Who Found A Fox Who Wouldn’t Leave

What a story! Henry Hoffman met a fox at night who just wouldn't want to leave. With this moving little


John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016

Here it is - the yearly piece of heartwarming christmas emotion in form of an advertising. This time Jon Lewis


Man Removes Fox Stuck In Bed Room

Wildlife Aid strives to help animals in anyway they can. So when they received a call from a homeowner that a


Man Rescues Baby Fox Tangled In Net

Most people don't realize how many things we take for granted can easily become a hazard for wildlife, especially young animals. A


Volunteers Save Injured Fox

Animal lover Monika Melichar would do anything to help another creature in need. So when they found a fox with a serious


Couple Nurse Baby Fox Back To Health

Treasure hunter Beau Ouimette and his wife were out in nature looking for treasure when they discovered a cute baby fox. But


Fox Tries To Eat GoPro Camera

YouTuber TheOpenLens went to Round Island, Alaska to record wildlife and spotted a fox. He now admits it was a stupid move, but


Man Helps Fox Cub With Head Stuck In Tin Can

YouTuber Albamurrayffff published this adorable clip way back in 2008, but it has only gone viral now with over 1.3 million


Hand Feeding A Fox While Ice Fishing

Russian Youtuber Александр Туренков had a magical Disney moment while ice fishing in Saratov, Russia.  A friendly fox approached him and his


Elderly Man Explains The Nature Of His Pet Fox

Andy Langley of LPSCreativeMedia presents this enlightening video about the misunderstood fox.  The clip showcases an elderly man who has adopted a rescued


Fox Screaming In Backyard What The Fox Actually Says

The hit Norwegian comedian single What The Fox Say by Ylvis has truly taken the Internet by storm, and currently stands with


Mike Tyson Hits Two Bulls Eyes In A Row Playing Darts While Blindfolded

FOX Sports has a tradition of asking their celebrity guests to throw a few darts while blindfolded. This time, world famous